Welcome to the New Engaging Events by Ali Website!

Welcome to the new Engaging Events website! This is the fourth iteration of my company’s website that I have gone thru during my 14 years as a wedding planner and designer in Chicago and all over the globe. Going thru the design process with 10twelve was both fun and terrifying. Fun, because I got to walk down memory lane and look at images from the last couple of years of weddings and events I have planned and designed all over the world. But also a little bit terrifying because I wanted to make sure to curate and pick the best images that you, our beloved clients and potential clients, would love and enjoy and use for inspiration. 

The task of doing a totally new website that is mobile friendly and also something I love and know represents who I am as a designer and planners is no small task. So I timed in perfectly during a down time in my schedule when I typically have smaller weddings and events. This gave me the time to really go thru each image (some days I found myself totally lost in looking at every image and remembering the laughter on those days and cute toasts and even first dance songs). I texted past clients even during this time saying how much fun I had planning their wedding and how thankful I was being a part of it. I Instagram storied some days of my process of selecting images and design meetings to my followers on Instagram as I sat inside in the winter months drinking chai tea and navigating my way thru memory lane of my career. 

Clients would comment or send me emails or text messages saying they are so excited to be a part of the new website. “Was I going to pick the one of the room reading her note?”, “Please make sure to include my favorite one of my veil flying up in the wind” and my favorite, “ I miss you, I want to see you!” These are some of the comments and emails I got during this process. I even set up dinners and breakfasts with those past clients who are now a married couple to catch up because we simply missed seeing each other and planning together.

So please find my new labor of love the last 4 months (okay, really it look longer but the last 4 months was hunker down and get ‘er done time)! Thank you to Kelly and Ray and all the team at 10twelve for your gorgeous creation. Thank you to Susan Moynihan who helped me edit the writing but also lent an ear when I got stuck with writer’s block. Thank you to Nick of Neoteric Design for the previous 2 amazing wedding websites. I wish I could take each site with me and have hidden on my computer to look at every day because all 400+ weddings and events I have planned really make up who I am in my career. I am so thankful that each and every bride and groom entrusted me with planning their special wedding day. I loved getting to know them and their family and friends and create a day they will also always call the best day of their lives!

Enjoy the new website and drop me a line to let me know what you think! Or meet me for a glass of champagne to celebrate!

XOXOXO, Ali!!!!!