Tips from a Wedding Planner on What To Do in Chicago on Valentine's Day

Tips from a Wedding Planner on What to do in Chicago on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day! Oh the chocolates, the champagne, the cute cards and the heart candy! As a wedding planner in Chicago one of my favorite days is Valentine’s Day. The energy of all the wedding engagements happening in and around the world is so exciting. According to an American Express report, some 6 million people get engaged on Valentine’s Day!

This Valentines Day, whether you are in the midst of planning your wedding, are a newlywed or just reading my blog because you love weddings, there is always the pressure to have a great Valentine’s Day.

Here are some ideas for things you can do in Chicago and around the world this Valentine’s Day in Chicago. 

Gene and Georgetti's for Dinner

What better way to say "I Love You" than with good food. Gene and Georgetti's has been producing the best steaks and food in Chicago for over 75 years. Their special Valentine's Day menu is sure to impress your loved one. You can visit the downtown location or their location in Rosemont, Illinois. And an amazing perk at Gene and Georgetti's is valet is included if you drive. (But don't forget to tip your nice valet driver). 


Music Box Interactive Screening of The Princess Bride

"As you wish..Buttercup". Attend a fun night at The Music Box  and play along at this romantic comedy. The theater will provide you with a prop box and popcorn!

Ice Skating in Millennium Park

Yes, it sure is a little cold in Chicago, but what is more romantic than taking a turn on the ice with your loved one and getting a hot chocolate after you skate at Millennium Park? (insert Kahlua or Baileys for some real warming powers).  And following skating, make sure to have a bite close walking distance at Park Grill or The Gage.


Romantic Dinner at Home 

Take out the china and silverware and set the dining room table for a fancy dinner at home. Light the fireplace, crank some Frank Sinatra and make your loved one a nice dinner! Then turn on the Olympics and watch the USA win gold! This lamb chop recipe from Bobby Flay won't let you down! Sure you have to dust the snow off the grill but they do not disappoint!