Fall Wedding Trends - Food (Part 2 of 3)

No wedding would be complete without food. 
h2. Food Clients are being more creative in their food choices for their fall wedding celebrations. Instead of the traditional salad course before the entrée, we’re now seeing flavorful pumpkin and squash soups alongside a small salad topped with dried cherries and nuts. Terrines carrying mesclun greens and poached pears are also making their way to the dining tables. And, a few couples are serving hot apple cider, with rum for those over 21, during the cocktail hour or after dinner. Gone is the day of the bland, white wedding cake. Couples are using different flavors like carrot cake and cheesecake for their weddings. I’ve also seen more requests for chocolate wedding cakes served with crème anglaise or a berry coulis. One of my fall couples is serving hot apple pie a la mode instead of the traditional wedding cake. Yummmmm. Couples are really expressing themselves with their choice of favors. Some are setting up caramel apple stations so guests can dip their apples and roll them in a bowl of crushed nuts or different types of candies. Brides are giving away jellies, maple syrup and even family recipes of their favorite dishes. Another great favor could be candy corn or mixed nuts in clear vellum bags or baskets for guests as they depart your wedding. Copyright 2004 Wedding Chicago, inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. This article has been reprinted with permission. To view this and other interesting wedding articles at "www.weddingchicago.com":http://weddingchicago.com