Testimonial from Jill and Freddie Feldman

When my husband and I first started planning our wedding, one thing I knew for sure was I was going to need help the weekend of the wedding. From our first meeting I knew Ali would be helpful with organizing a religious Jewish wedding. As a matter of fact, she actually recommended our band for their awesome Hora and they were terrific! 
She worked so well with our Rabbi and really pointed us in the right direction for what we needed during a traditional Jewish ceremony. Most of the bridal party was from out of town and Ali really organized everyone. Having her help allowed our parents and us to enjoy the day, as if we were guests at our own party! We really had nothing to worry about; she just pointed us in the right direction and we followed! It was so freeing to just let go and have a blast and Ali was the reason for that. Ali is worth ten times what we paid her. She made us feel relaxed and helped to make it the most wonderful day of our lives!