Jen and Shawn Gentile

Ali knows her craft and shined as my wedding planning savior! Ali knew how to assemble the wedding we wanted with the budget we were confined to with class, taste and elegance! 
Unlike most brides, I dreaded the day when I had to plan my wedding because my mother had passed away a few years earlier and I just had no idea how or where to start both physically and emotionally. Initially, I really didn't want to be too involved. Ali helped make the process both easy and enjoyable with her infectious energy and honesty. She let me be as involved as I wanted (or not involved if I didn't want to) because she connects so well with her brides and I knew she shared my vision. She kept me moving forward with minimal energy wasted and a smile on my face. And most importantly, when my day arrived I was happy, relaxed and without worry. The day was beautiful, (just as I wanted) with personal touches that were clearly of "Jen and Shawn" style. I owe it all to Ali! Thank you, Ali! You were like the sister I never had who just so happened to be a wedding planner, but without the sister-hassles. Thank you so much! Shawn and I are lucky to have found the best wedding planner in town. Jen Gentile