Kelli and Paul Taylor

We met with six wedding planners and knew Ali was the one immediately. Within the first sixty seconds of a sixty minute meeting, my new husband, my mom and I shot each other a glance and it was done. Hired. She got us. Plain and simple. After the meeting, the three of us got in the car, looked at each other again, and just started cheering and dancing in our seats (hoping Ali hadn't caught a glimpse of our dorkiness as we drove away.) Keeping it cool has never been our strong suit. 
As many brides, I had been mentally planning my wedding day for eons. In the end, I knew I wanted the day to scream fun... however that may be... and Ali nailed it. Among countless other things, she lassoed in a fabulous caterer, joined me in meetings across the Chicagoland map, devised a flawless wedding day schedule, and on the day of... hit it out of the park. As someone who's prone to worrying, it would only seem natural that I'd be a ball of knots on my wedding day. But in truth--aside from a few teasing raindrops--I hadn't a concern in the world. Ali took care of everything. I got to be a guest at my own wedding, which was the greatest gift of all (and a fabulous surprise for a control freak little me.) Ali warned me that it would all go by in the blink of an eye--and she was right. But I'm so happy that I was there, in the moment, for every perfect second of it. I never thought I could be that bride--the smiley, carefree, ain't-life-grand types that grace the cover of every wedding magazine--but I was. And entirely thanks to Ali. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Huge hugs, kisses, and a million thanks Ali!

Kelli and Paul's "Foodie" Wedding at A New Leaf

Kelli and Paul's ceremony and reception took place at the fabulous and unique location, "A New Leaf": 
The atmosphere was relaxed as guests arrived and were greated by iced tea and lemonade in mason jars with a welcome note attached from Kelli and Paul. The intimate ceremony took place at six o'clock as the rain held out so their dream of a garden wedding could come true. 
Kelli and Paul created their menu from scratch working with Michael Meuer at "Blue Plate Catering": It included a mashed potato bar, classic fried chicken and a satay bar where guests could chose from a variety of sides such as lo mein noodles or fried rice; all presented in mini to go containers. There were also surprises throughout the night with wedding cupcakes, mini cheeseburgers and mini milkshakes passed on the dance floor. "Lynne Jordan and the Shivers": kept people hopping on the dance floor all night. 
Kelli and Paul's outgoing and fun personalities shone throughout their entire wedding weekend starting with a brunch at Lake Forest's beach in the rain, after party at the local bar across the street from A New Leaf and bagels on Sunday at the Hotel Indigo in the Gold Coast of Chicago. 
"Click here to see the pictures": Photography by Jeremy Bustos from "Studio This Is":