Picking The Entertainment For Your Wedding

Decide if you and your fiancé want a band or DJ and what fits in your budget. Typically, DJ’s are more affordable than bands. And remember the more people in the band, the higher the cost. If you want live music but can’t afford a full band for three hours you may want to consider doing live music during cocktails and dinner and then DJ music for the dancing portion of the evening. 
Make sure to talk about ceremony music with your potential vendor. Is this something they can provide and what is the additional cost? Can the DJ set up and play selections you may want for your processional and recessional? Does the band have a string trio or quartet that can play the traditional pieces that you want to hear? When booking ceremony music make sure to talk with your minister, Rabbi or officiant about any restrictions they may have if you are choosing non-religious music and if you are allowed to bring in outside musicians. Many churches require you to work with their music director for your ceremony music. In that case, schedule a meeting with that person to talk about ideas for your ceremony music. When choosing your entertainment for your wedding, make sure to consider the size of your reception location. You can’t cram a 12 piece orchestra into a tiny space. Talk with your reception coordinator to ask him/her what size band fits well into your space. And for DJ’s are the appropriate outlets for him in the area you would like him to set up. Also make sure to talk about noise restrictions! You may have your reception location until midnight but make sure the music can go to midnight. Set up meetings with your potential entertainment for the evening. The best way to get a feel for a band or DJ is to set up an in person meeting with them. While you are there DJ’s can tell you about their “style” and Band leaders can show you DVD’s of the band in action or listen to music on a CD. Some bands may even invite you to peek in at an event they are doing in the near future. Ask for references. The best way to hear about a great DJ or band is to hear it from a recently married couple. Were they professional and courteous? Did they make the event sound like the wedding the client wanted? What did the musicians or DJ wear? Was the client happy with the whole night and their experience? Make sure your entertainer has a varied repertoire. If hiring a band, do they know the music you and your fiancé think will get the crowd going? Does your DJ have all the oldies that your Mom and Dad want to hear? If they don’t know a song or if a DJ does not have a song, will they be able to learn the song or will the DJ be able to get it?