Lisa Maier and Wells Wheeler

We can’t recommend Ali Phillips highly enough. We are both medical residents and have busy schedules, so we wanted to hire a wedding planner just to help take care of logistics-Ali did so much more! When my mom and I started looking at venues, we asked around about reputable wedding planners and Ali’s name came up at every location. We loved her from our first meeting. 
Everything was very organized-our budget and our schedule was all laid out. The forms she has you fill out help you decide right off the bat what you do and don’t want. She gets to know your taste really well in the early meetings. When it came to vendor selection it was so easy. Ali comes to every meeting and already knows which vendors in Chicago are the best, most reliable, and within your budget. The wedding turned out just beautifully, down to every little detail. The best part was that we had nothing to do on the wedding day--we just relaxed and floated through the whole day, didn’t have to hassle with any vendors or timetables. Everyone, from the vendors to the bridesmaids, received a little schedule telling them where to be and when- it made everything so easy. When it was time for our entrance to the cocktail hour or our first dance, Ali would come find us and the music would start playing right on cue! We had a fabulous time the whole day. We really got to enjoy ourselves with our guests since we didn’t have any other responsibilities. The wedding was absolutely perfect! Such a blast and very unique; better than we had even imagined. Thank you so much Ali!