Stephanie and Shawn Harris

As soon as my fiancé and I met with Ali, we knew she was the one to coordinate our wedding day! She was so incredibly sweet and listened intently as I told her about the problems that I was facing with planning my dream wedding. She gave us a ton of helpful advice and assured us that she was only a phone call away if I needed ANYTHING. True to her word, I was able to get her help every time I needed it and it was so comforting to know that she was keeping all of my vendors up to speed. 
When the wedding day finally arrived, Ali was right on top of everything and handled every problem that popped up, usually before I even knew that there was a problem. In fact, when my father and brother showed up wearing the wrong tuxedos, she immediately sent her assistant to the mall to pick up the correct attire. It wasn’t until my husband and I were watching the raw footage of our wedding video that we discovered that all of this had transpired. Because of Ali, my husband and I didn’t have to worry about the vendors or time frames at all. She let us know when it was time to cut the cake or to do pictures and not once did we feel as if we had to watch the clock. With her in charge, we were truly able to enjoy our special day and to relax knowing that it was all in her very capable hands. As my do-it-yourself grandmother so frankly phrased it “Hiring that coordinator was the best spent money of the whole planning process”. I couldn’t agree more and I just hope that Ali is around in 20 years to plan my children’s weddings because I can’t imagine doing it without her.