Kristin and Jared King and the wedding at The Marriott Lincolnshire

I first met Ali several years ago when she planned my sister's wedding, literally saving it when the location fell-through at the last minute! So it was a no-brainer when I got engaged who I had to have to help me with my own wedding. I work long hours and Ali was there to answer all of my questions in whatever means worked best for me at the time - whether it was through email, late-night phone conversations, or the rare occasion when I could get away for a face-to-face meeting. Ali took care of everything on the wedding day so well that my husband and I were able to relax enough to keep us smiling and laughing the entire day through. Thanks to Ali, I had my absolute perfect wedding which I'll remember forever! -Kristin

I absolutely LOVED Kristin and Jared's wedding at The Marriott Lincolnshire, Illinois. The day was a perfect fall day in Chicago! Some would say, "but it was a bit overcast", but that is great for pictures and no squinting!!!

Kristin and Jared decided to see each other before the ceremony to get some "couple time" pictures and fun pictures with their wedding party. Seeing each other first allowed them time to enjoy their cocktail hour immediately following their five o'clock ceremony on the outdoor patio. 

Later, guests entered the tent at half after six o'clock and were greeted with tables covered with gorgeous chocolate linens and fabulous fall colored tall centerpieces with TONS of candelight.

Guests really had fun with the caramel apple station where you could chose what toppings you wanted and the photo booth that we had arranged for the night. The vendors even climed into the booth together to get some silly pictures. 

Thanks to the following vendors for their excellent help all weekend for a fabulous event; Glen Abog Photography, Meeting House and the Marriott Lincolnshire.

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