Honeymoon Wednesday- St Lucia

Whether you want to plan it yourself or have an all-inclusive stay at Sandals, St. Lucia is the place to go. There are so many things to do on this beautiful island. Begin your trip with a fabulous Caribbean Rum drink. St. Lucia is so beautiful and unique it appears to be created for the romantics. This gorgeous place is perfect to tour and there are lots of excursions to explore. St. Lucia is made up of lots of mountains, beautiful beaches, and tropical forest. There is always something to do at St. Lucia. It is fun to snorkel, but try and be adventurous and get certified to scuba. St. Lucia is known for its clear blue sea, perfect for exploring all the different fish undersea. Make sure to plan a tropical rainforest tour. Here you can see once in a lifetime things, such as the rare St. Lucia parrot. Also, you don’t have to go to Hawaii to spot whales, in St. Lucia you can spot up to 20 different species of whale. With the multi-colored flowers, soft sounds, and romantic sights it is easy to say that this place will never be forgotten. Don’t forget to check out all the different restaurants too, they are awesome! 

Read up about St. Lucia and it's many wonderful offerings of resorts, restaurants and activities at the following St Lucia website.