Emily and Corey's Engagement Pictures

I know this section is for weddings but I could not resist sharing Emily and Corey's beautiful engagement pictures with everyone! The wonderful photographer, "Glen Abog":http://glenabog.com, went down to the Chicago lakefront this past Monday for an engagement session with Emily and Corey. 
"To see the photo montage, click here":http://glenabog.com/emilycoreyeng Below you will find an article I recently wrote in conjunction with "Sarah Alair Photography":http://sarahalair.com about getting the most from your engagement pictures! You have a ring on your finger and the man of your dreams on your arm. So what is next besides finding a location and hiring a photographer? The engagement photo session! If planned well it can be a fantastic way to kick off your wedding planning in style. Engagement photos are sort of a sneak-peak at what is to come, a moment in time that is full of excitement and joy. I know, I know, you are probably thinking that you have a million other things on your to-do list, but engagement photos are something you will never regret. Not sure how you will wear your hair or normally never wear eye-shadow but are thinking about doing so on your wedding day? What better way to see what works and what does not work? Think of this as your beauty test-drive. Plus, you can use this time with your photographer as a way to confirm that their personality is what you want on your wedding day and that they can flatter your every move. You may have a fiancé who is not too keen on having his picture taken. Tell him that he can use the photos to get those relatives to stop bugging him about getting a picture taken for the newspaper. Even if you ultimately decide not to submit your images to the newspaper, at the very least your families will love to have a professional picture of the two of you. Or use the picture as a cute save the date for your wedding guests! You could also display a few of the pictures next to your guest book at your wedding, or better yet put one of them in the center of a large white matte and ask all of your guests to sign the matte instead of signing a guest book (in a guest book people usually only sign their names, but on a matte they usually write sweet or cute messages). Then after your wedding, exchange the engagement photo for one of your favorite wedding photos. Voila, you will have a beautiful wedding photo signed by your friends and family - instant artwork for your new home. Enough said about why to do an engagement photo session, now here is how to go about doing it. First, find a photographer who fits your style. Ideally this will be the photographer who is shooting your wedding or one you are considering hiring. Then discuss a location, even two or three locations. Maybe a field near your house, the lakefront where you learned to water ski or the streets of the local downtown area where the two of you went on your first date. If you are struggling between wanting formal studio portraits verse casual shots, ask your photographer what they prefer and if they are willing to do both in one session. Oftentimes, photographers will want to do two locations and will include the session for free if you have already booked them for your wedding. Second, pick your outfits wisely and when in doubt bring two. For example, a guy can wear a shirt and jeans for some of the shots and then add a sweater or jacket. For the girl, she can wear jeans and a cute top, and later throw on a snazzy jacket or fun dress. Also, a change in jewelry can be all the props you need. If it is an overcast day, take a colorful umbrella to add instant romance and a punch of color. Lastly, keep it simple. A great location and a fun attitude can make all the difference in the world, both are contagious and will shine through your images. So what are you waiting for, book an engagement photo session now. You have nothing to loose. Not to mention that you will discover whether smokey-grey is your shade of eye-shadow and your fiancé will learn how to relax and have fun in front of the camera long before he tries on his tuxedo.