Thank you Notes

From the moment you get engaged until you are back from your honeymoon, there will be many reasons to write thank you notes to everyone. Nothing says "Thank You", like a hand written thank you note for anything from a gift, to just a thank you to say, "thanks for calling" or thank you for being my friend! Try to stay away from using email, phone calls and text messages for the special thanks to everyone. 
I always think it is a good idea to have a set of note cards in your desk to use for writing notes! Pick something cute with your first and last name that reflects your style. I always think it is a good idea not to buy notes that say “Thank You” on them so you have pretty notes you can use for just about anything! When the news gets out of your engagement, gifts and emails may start pouring in. It is important you send you thank you notes in a timely manner. I always say it is good rule of thumb send thank you notes within three of four days of receiving a gift. And when you have engagement parties, showers and bachelorette parties, don’t forget to thank the host not only for the gift she may give you but also for hosting the party. It is a good idea to send a little gift as well to the host or hostess of your party. If you receive a joint gift at a shower or party, make sure to send each individual a thank you note for the lovely gift. While wedding guests may have up to a year to give you a wedding gift, you do not have that luxury. Please get your thank you notes out in a timely manner. I always recommend to couples to get cute cards with their first names on them to send thank you notes for the gifts that you receive before the wedding. If you are receiving a gift before the wedding, you should not use your married name or your new married initials. Save those new note cards with your new married name for the wedding gifts you receive at the wedding and after you are back from your honeymoon. Also, don’t forget to write notes to the people that helped make your day special. From the makeup artist, to the Priest to even your wedding vendors and wedding consultant, nothing says thank you best than a lovely hand written note thanking them for being part of your day. I have saved every hand written note I have received from my brides and grooms and also parents and look at them often. And, don’t forget to thank your best man, maid of honor and your wedding party for being part of your special day after the wedding. There are lots of thank you notes to write so I recommend that couples share the experience of doing it. Take some to a coffee shop on a Sunday and reminisce about how wonderful the gifts are and how wonderful your wedding day was! Here are some recent tips I found from our etiquette expert, Emily Post, Etiquette, 17th Edition A Handwritten Note is a Joy to Receive. *Remember: Be sincere and write promptly. *Write from the heart. *Use expressions that are natural to you. *Keep it brief and to the point. *Don't forget to include the date. *Do your best to write legibly. *Include a "How are you?" *In thank-you notes, be appreciative and say something specific about the gift * Note life events with personal letters. *And above all, be gracious