Shower Gift Ideas

It is "shower season'! That time of the year when brides showers take place and their new homes get stocked with wonderful items for their newlywed household. And summer brides, you may not only be a bride to be but many of you are bridesmaids in your own friends weddings. Need a good and fresh idea for a shower gift? Why not give library editions of vintage board games. Every house needs to have some great games to play over a glass of wine with friends or even a rainy Sunday with just the couple at home alone.

Target is now selling Vintage Board Games that your newlywed friends can enjoy at home. For the great price of $21.99 you can gift hours of fun and laughs to your friends! They offer Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Jenga, Risk and Life. They are also packed in a bookshelf-style case for easy storage in your bookcase.