Hollywood fashion Tape

Many of my readers know me well and know I am not a "dress wearer". I am most times found in either a suit on a wedding day, a cute sweater set with slacks or a skirt during the week, or a golf skirt and spikes on the days I can play golf.  Recently, I was invited to an industry dinner (more on that later next week in a blog) and wore a pretty black dress I own. The v-shape of the neckline makes it a bit tricky in covering everything up. Not that I was pulling out the famous J-Lo green cascading dress neckline, but I needed a little help and did not want a safety pin showing. BEHOLD, I found this amazing tape called Hollywood Fashion Tape. It is a great product and I am sure many a bride and bridesmaid will find this tape useful.  The pre-cut disposable strips have a removable backing on each side. All you need to do is peel back the backing, stick and press on your skin or fabric and remove the backing to secure the item. So easy! And it does not hurt when you peel it off your skin and did not leave any odd residue on my skin. 

It can be used for: Hiding bra straps, fixing hemlines, securing revealing necklines, closing wrap skirts, or to hold up strapless tops. Every wedding consultant, bride and bridesmaid will find this product useful to have in their emergency kit.

You can order online or purchase at this local Chicago shops.