Sixtieth Birthday Party Chicago Style

As a wedding consultant in Chicago, I often get asked to plan the birthdays and anniversaries of past clients of parents of past clients. The sixtieth birthday party that I was asked to plan was absolutely one of my favorite parties to plan. The party was a total surprise to the birthday girl. At the same time we were planning their daughter's wedding so the father of the bride and I would have secret meetings to talk about decor and the entertainment. Brian Culbertson, a famous jazz musician from Chicago, was one of the birthday girl's favorite performers. The father of the bride tasked me with planning an amazing party and booking Brian Culberston and his band for a snowy evening in February.  We called the event "Club Joy', the birthday girl's nickname and boy was there a lot of joy in the room.

The venue, Chicago Illuminating Company, was the perfect spot for this excellent birthday celebration and Kehoe Designs transformed the space with their furniture and created a "Club Joy" evening their guests will never forget. The food by Blue Plate was fitting with Chicago fare.  Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Chicago Style Pizza and also an awesome chocolate cake by Portillos., which isthe Birthday Girl's favorite dessert.

Thanks goes out to  Kurt Gerber for his awesome pictures of the birthday celebration.