The Engaging Events Chicago Wedding Planning Team

This past Saturday was our last events of the Engaging Events 2010 Chicago Wedding Season. We had three weddings on Saturday and tons of moving parts and the Engaging Events Team did an amazing job. It has been a long and busy wedding season but also filled with fun, laughter and every now and then a tear or two. Today I want to thank the amazing women that work with me to help make our clients wedding dreams come true. 

Thank you to Kristin Weis, who was my assistant for two years and now has moved to St Louis and started her own event company called Kristin Ashley Events. She is a sister to me, a best friend and one of the craziest people I have know (crazy in a fun and cool way). She gets it done with her witty humor and great laugh and always keeps my on my toes. Kristin still comes to town to work our busier weekends and is even taking wedding events on her own for Engaging Events. I trust her with my business and life and she has made me a better mentor, boss and friend from the moment she stepped into my life. 


 Thank you to Morgan White, my intern for the Engaging Events Summer season. Morgan took charge the minute she walked in the door and all my brides and grooms and vendors fell in love with her. She was so organized and quick to start new projects this summer. Always one to hop into the photobooth with me at weddings, Morgan kept me laughing all summer and reminded me to not take myself so seriously all the time.  


Thank you to Erin Dahl. She has been with Engaging Events the longest and now coordinates her own weddings for me. Her clients adore her and so do I. Also, if you have a complicated set up, you want this lady with you, she gets it DONE!


Thank you to Colleen Reardon who is one of the calmest people I know. Having her around on a wedding day is a relaxing and soothing thing even when it gets busy and the Priest is wanting us to coral all 18 people in the wedding party, get them lined up and sent down the aisle in 2 minutes!


Thank you to Kristin Petersen. Kristin was an Engaging Events bride and I loved working with her so much when she moved back to Chicago I asked her to join the Engaging Events Team! Kristin is a very organized and professional lady and can set up a mean placecard table! I love this picture of her below at her own wedding.


These women are amazing. Just amazing!  I am lucky to have all of them in my life. My weddings would not go so smoothly without them. Thank You Ladies for an amazing 2010 Chicago Wedding Season! You Rock and I love you all!