Chicago Style Hot Dogs for Your Chicago Wedding

 I am a Chicago girl, born and raised. I graduated from DePaul University right here in Lincoln Park. Nothing tastes better to me than a Chicago-Style Hot Dog to me. And why not embrace your hometown and where your wedding is being celebrated than having Chicago-Style Hot Dogs at your Chicago wedding? Pass them at cocktail hour or maybe you have a station of them later in the evening or passed in the cardboard boxes later on the dance floor. Feel that the whole dogs are too big? Do a mini version passed by the servers around 11:30pm when people need a quick snack to keep them going on the dance floor.  Or, what about having a traditional cart come in to offer it to guests as they depart? Carts of Chicago can offer this service to you at your wedding. 

You may ask, what is a Chicago-Style Hot Dog? Chicagoans are pretty strict about our hot dogs, you see. Here are the ingredients necessary to be a TRUE Chicago Style Hot Dog.

A steamed poppy-seed bun. My favorite kind is S Rosen's. 

Kosher, all beef hot dog

Diced white onion

Neon green relish, yup, NEON

Two Sport Peppers

Two tomato slices (not chopped, but slices) 

Yellow Mustard

Celery Salt

And finalized with a kosher dill pickle 

No, you did not see ketchup on there, that is correct. A real Chicago-Style Hot Dog does not have ketchup on it. 

Vienna Beef is my favorite kind of dog. They have a great ingredients and recipe handout here on their website.  In Chicago we take our hot dogs quite seriously and there is nothing better than enjoying a Chicago-Style Hot Dog on a Friday afternoon summer Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field!

My favorite spots to get Chicago-Style Hot Dogs in Chicago are:

Byron's Hot Dog Haus at 1017 West Irving Park 



Hot Doug's 

Embrace your Chicago-Style wedding and serve Chicago-Style Hot Dogs for your guests! 

Source for Bride with Hot Dog