Wedding Processionals: Who Walks with Who Down the Aisle

A question I get asked a lot as a wedding consultant is what should the order of the processional be? It is a great idea to think about this in advance of your wedding rehearsal. While rehearsals are for that, rehearsing, it is important to have a plan in place before you arrive to your rehearsal. I go thru a worksheet with my clients so I know who is paired up with who so I know the order the bride and groom want when we are practicing. 

Below is an example of a Christian Processional. On Friday we will talk about examples of Jewish Processionals.

Order as follows:

Groomsmen and the groom often come out from the side with the minister or priest and wait at the altar or ceremony area in a nice straight line. I have seen brides and grooms pair the bridesmaids and groomsmen together as they walk in with the Best Man and Groom waiting a the front. It is a good idea to decide which one you want to do beforehand so that you can have the couples paired up prior to the rehearsal. 

Guests of honor (God Parents or special guests of honor) escorted by usher

Paternal Grandparents (Grooms Grandparents) escorted by usher

Maternal Grandparents (Bride's Grandparents) escorted by usher

Note: Often if grandparents are older they can be seated a little earlier to get in and comfortable

Parents of the Groom escorted by Usher (but lately I have seen the groom escorting his parents down the aisle) 

Mother of the Bride escorted by Usher 

Junior Bridesmaids 


Maid of Honor

Ring Bearer or Ring Bearers

Flower Girl or Flower Girls


And last but the best and most exciting part,

The Bride with her Father (or escort)


I have also seen a trend of brides walking down the aisle with both her mother and father which is very lovely.


Special Thanks to Becky Hill and Glen Abog for the pictures