Tips for Mailing Out Holiday Cards

This week I mailed my company Holiday card and our personal card to friends, family and business friends. Every year I work with Jenna at Clementine Ink to do my cards and every year we wrack our brains for a fun and new idea. This year we channeled a new trend you will see in stationary which is Bling! Yes, 3 red crystals on the holly that I had on my gorgeous letterpress cards.Stuffing, sealing and stamping takes a lot of work so here are my quick tips on getting those Holiday cards out and staying sane. 

1. You need to set the mood and get your favorite Holiday music going to keep you motivated. I like the Glee The Christmas Album which can be downloaded from itunes or often times I create some great Holiday stations on Pandora. Want to know what my favorite Holiday song is? Guess? Well, Dominic the Donkey makes me laugh and O Holy Night is my all time "serious" favorite. 


 2. GLUE STICKS are your friend. As a wedding consultant, I seal a lot of wedding invitations so have learned not to even try to lick all those envelopes but to use glue sticks. It often times works a little better than the little envelope moisteners you can buy I find. But both do work. You could also use a sponge but I find that a little messy and it bleeds onto the envelopes too much. I prefer the Elmer's Glue Sticks and you can buy them at Office Depot, Office Max, or even your grocery store. 


3. I send out a lot of cards and I sign every one of them. I even try and write a short note. I think it is much more personable by signing them. I use a nice felt tip pen for this. My favorite pen for this is the black Le Pen by Marvy. It writes a nice fine line and does not bleed onto the paper too much. 


4. What fun is sending out Holiday Card without some hot chocolate to keep you going?! And why not throw a little Baileys in there in the evening to keep you moving along on your cards! As they say in the song We Need a Little Christmas, "Haul out the Holly" and get your cards out and spread some cheer!