Wedding Traditions-Christmas

We love the Holiday Season and are wishing you and your family and friends a wonderful Holiday! If you are traveling near or far be safe as it looks like we will have a White Christmas in Chicago.

Today I wanted to share a very cute tradition that my brides and grooms that got married this year or any of our readers can start this Holiday Season. If this is your first Christmas as husband and wife then I recommend to buy a "Our First Christmas" ornament for your tree. Then every year after, you buy another ornament for your tree. We write the year in pen or on a little tag on the ornament so now we have eight ornaments representing each year we have been married. Some are very pretty ornaments and some are just funny things we purchased in our travels. We even have an ornament all the way from South Africa where we travelled our fifth year of our marriage.

Many years from now it will be fun to show your kids and to take a walk down memory lane of all your years and Christmases together! 

The ornament in the picture above is from Paloma's Nest.  She has many gorgeous ornament ideas but also gorgeous ring bearer bowls for those of you who are not married and are still planning.