Taking Time To Stop, Breathe and Think

This week has been a hard week for me. I have seen people I love and care deeply about have losses in their family. Today I am reminded to stop and breathe and take time to live every day to the fullest. Life, and often in wedding planning, we can get so wrapped up in the little details.  Those details are so important to creating the beauty of the day, but also, please take a little time to step away from the details every now and then and look at the overall picture of the day you are creating together as a couple. The wedding is about sharing your love with your family and friends and celebrating together. And your love and friends and family are what brings joy and happiness to life. 

Below are some words that Cindy Novotny shared at The Engage 10 conference I attended in October which I find both inspirational and poignant today. 


And my favorite that she says, is "take 1 hour a week to just think". No music, no i pad, no tv or radio. Just silence to sit and think. 

The gorgeous picture above is the crystal clear blue waters of Grand Cayman and was taken by my good friends, Stevi and Matt Savage of Avery House.