Jewish Wedding Processionals

On Wednesday, we went thru a processional for a Christian wedding. Today we are talking about processionals for a Jewish Wedding. 

Here is a sample of a Jewish wedding processional. There are many variations, so please speak with your Rabbi and family to talk thru what everyone envisions for the processional. 


Cantor (if you have one)

Grandparents of the bride with escort

Grandparents of the groom with escort


Groomsmen (single file)

Best Man

Groom with his mother and father. Once they are down the aisle his parents will step underneath the chuppah but the groom will say outside the chuppah and wait for his bride. 

Bridesmaids (typically in single file)

Maid of Honor

Ring Bearer

Flower Girl

Bride with her mother and father


Often times a bride's parents will process in before the bride and wait halfway down the aisle and then the bride will come in by herself and meet them half way. 

The groom will greet the parents of the bride at the front of the chuppah and the bride's parents will proceed under the chuppah. Then, the bride and groom will enter the chuppah together. Speak with your rabbi as often times couples will chose to do the the circling tradition of the bride circling the groom seven times before the ceremony begins. 

Pictures from Becky Hill and Wedding Creativo.