Holiday Party Fun Finds

I found these and I had to share them with my readers. What cute ideas to help celebrate the Holidays.

I saw this candle at the Farmers Center in Chicago on Elston. I was there picking out our Christmas tree on Sunday and went to pay for the tree inside and this candle was burning at the register. I thought it was maybe a bit expensive for a candle but all the ladies in there assured me it was going to be the best candle I have ever purchased. WOW, were they right!! I am going back there tomorrow to buy up the lot of them. What a fabulous bridesmaids gift for a winter wedding or a great gift for friends and family this Holiday Season. They have a great sized parking lot you can park in. Also, our tree we got from them is amazing. It smells so wonderful in our house. If you are an out of town reader, you can purchase the candle here at the Thymes link. 

I saw THIS cute item at The Sweden Shop up on Foster. OH MY GOSH, what a cute way to store matches for your fireplace (or to light aforementioned awesome candle). What a clever trick to keep you matches in a holder that has a holiday theme.