Save The Date Cards For Your Wedding

Save The Dates have become very popular for brides and grooms to communicate and create excitement for their upcoming wedding. It gives the couple a way to let their guests know their wedding date and accommodation and travel information for their wedding. They also can get guests excited about the upcoming wedding! I find they are useful for not only destination weddings but weddings in the bride or groom's hometown. Living in a big convention city like Chicago, it is important to let guests know about the hotel rates the couple has set up for their guests and proper information for booking.

I thought I would highlight the information that should be included in a Save The Date.

1. The wedding date and year 

2. Your names. I recommend to my clients to include their first and last names as often, family friends may not know your fiance's last name. This gives you a chance to share that with your family and friends. 

2. The city and state of your wedding. You would be surprised how many cities share a name with another state in the United States. If you are having a destination wedding outside of the United States, I recommend that you list the city and country that your wedding will take place. 

3. Any accommodation information for your host hotel or hotels. If you are having your reception at a hotel I like to list that hotel first and put under the hotel name (reception location), so that your guests know this hotel is the same location as your reception. I recommend you include the address of the hotel and the number to call and make the reservation and if there is a deadline at the hotel to call and make the reservation by. Many hotels are now offering brides and grooms reservation booking links so guests can book their hotels online with a designated link for the wedding.

For destination wedding save the dates we also like to include the airport travel code and what airlines service that airport.  Also, we like to include a reminder to your guests that they will need a current passport to travel there. 

*If you have limited space on the save the date I often have brides and grooms set up a wedding Web site for their guests to read about hotel and travel information for the wedding. We would then include that link for the guests on the save the date so they can visit the Web site to learn more about the wedding travel information.*

4. Formal Invitation to Follow. I like to put this at the bottom of the save the date so that guests understand this is a save the date and there is no need to reply. They then understand a formal wedding invitation will follow in the upcoming months. 

An optional inclusion on the save the date would be your email address and phone number for guests to email or call with any questions about your event. 

Pictures and save the dates designed by Clementine Ink & Paper.