Chicago Wedding Photos

We talked about Jessica and Ryan's ceremony on Monday.  Today, we look at the gorgeous pictures they did with their wedding party around Chicago.   As a Chicago wedding planner I get asked many questions by my brides and grooms. One question I get often is where to take pictures following the ceremony around Chicago. There are so many great Chicago pictures locations and I usually talk with my clients about what their favorite spots in Chicago are to determine where they will go with their wedding party.  Whether is is Millennium Park, with the gorgeous gardens, or more urban, under the El Tracks.  Often we even have enough time to hit various locations and get both looks.  What I loved about what Jessica and Ryan did is that they even took a little time at the Art Institute Gardens to do some pictures on their own and had their wedding party go ahead of them to the reception.  One of my favorite pictures of them is the last picture in the gallery, just the two of them!

Check back on Monday to see the incredible pictures of their fun reception!

Pictures by Becky Hill Photography