Some fun things about Chicago Wedding Planner, Ali Phillips

Most people know me as a wedding consultant in Chicago. Yes, that is for sure my career and my passion and my love. I love events, love working with brides and grooms and their family and friends and LOVE the orchestration of the wedding day coming together magically.

But, I came across this fun email "Four Things About You", and thought I would share with my readers. As well as being a Chicago wedding planner,  I am also a wife, a friend, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a mentor, a boss, and a mom to a wonderful Weimaraner, Grohe (who is my best buddie). Many of you know about him because, well, I talk about him a lot.

Anyway, here is the fun things I filled out and did in an email chain I got from a good high school friend of mine the other day. 

Four of my favorite things to do on my days off

1. Travel

2. Take walks with our dog, Grohe

3. Spend time with family and friends

4. Spend time on the lake on our boat

Four things you probably don’t know about me

1. I used to dance classical ballet and was pretty good

2. I did Chicago's Triathalon and it was HARD!

3. I am obsessed with watching ice skating

4. I am a dang good cook

Four of my favorite foods

1. Pasta (ANY kind)

2. Yummy salads with blue cheese

3. French fries- sucker for them, I really am. I may even talk my brides and grooms into having them as their late night snack, but for ulterior motives. Just Kidding!

4. Red wine, okay, it is not a food but I love it

Four of my favorite songs of all time

1. “Crash" Dave Matthews

2. “How Sweet It Is" James Taylor(which was our first dance on our wedding day) 

3. “Catacombs" Poi Dog Pondering

4. “Silent Night"Holiday Carol

Four of my guiltiest pleasures

1. Reality TV. Really love it; Survivor, Amazing Race, ANTM, can’t get enough of it all

2. Watching wedding shows (I tape everything so I can watch on rainy days)

3. Spending time reading wedding and style blogs

4. Eating McDonalds (not that often but LOVE it)

Four of my favorite places I’ve traveled to

1. South Africa

2. London(lived there for a semester in college)

3. Tahiti

4. Jamaica (Yeah Mon)