Reflections on What My Business Is

Today my husband and I are finishing packing up our house to move to a new house in the city, not too far from our current house. It is bigger, has a deck and has a big office for me and a studio to meet clients in. I have called it my Dream House. I posted something on twitter last night saying, "Odd to see my business in boxes"  and put a picture up. But then I realized last night around 3:30am when I was up worrying about putting the finishing touches on packing, that my business is not something that is tangible that can be packed up and put away in a cardboard box.  My business is ME! My business is all the experiences I have had planning weddings and events in Chicago (and all over the world for that matter) for the last nine years. My business is all the mistakes, successes, laughter and tears I have put forth since 2001. That cannot be packed up and put away in a box, ever! My business lives inside of me and is part of who I am.

So when the doors close on the truck tomorrow and they haul our boxes away to store overnight to then move us into our new house on Wednesday, my business is still open. Because I am that business and I am so proud of it.