Engage 10 Cayman Islands Recap- What one can learn "going to the beach"

As my followers of the blog know, I was in Cayman Islands two weeks ago attending (and speaking) at the Engage!10 a Luxury Wedding Business Summit. This was the fifth time I have attended the conference and would never miss this time to meet up with the "best of the best" in the wedding industry. The friendships I have made over the years of attending this conference and the speakers I have seen are incredible, invaluable and instrumental in making me a better businesswoman and the best wedding consultant I can be. Produced by Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce, with the help of Trish Hay, of Engaging Concepts, this is the NOT to miss wedding conference of the year. I attend many conferences but this is by far my favorite and one I will never miss. As I said in the "Getting of the Most Engage" session I was asked to take part in with Liene Stevens, Harmon Walton, and Donna Von Bruening, "The content is never the same, it is always changing and growing."  And that is what we, as leaders in the wedding industry must do. Change and Grow! Become better and challenge ourselves. What worked last year for our clients, may not work this year for our clients. "The fast will eat the slow" as Cindy Novotny put it. 

The speakers were giants of the wedding industry,  Colin Cowie, Carley Roney, Darcy Miller, Todd Fiscus (who seriously is the coolest cat I know), Marcy Blum(who is really fabulous, I mean, REALLY fabulous), Sylvia Weinstock, Cindy Novotny, Rosalind Bordo and Siri Eklund, Sean Low, Liene Stevens, Harmony Walton; oh so many other wonderful people. So please visit the speaker list here.Randy Fenoli and Todd Avery in all their fabulousness and Simon T Bailey wowed the crowds as well with their style and brilliance. 

I did not take a ton of my own pictures this year because I was so wrapped up in the moments of conversations and laughter and learning. Thank you to Donna Von Bruening for sharing her amazing photography of the Engage Conference. 

Sean Low said it best on a twitter message on Saturday; "Engage is just another wedding conference like the Hope Diamond is another rock".