Eight Years of Marriage- Wedding Tips from a Wedding Planner

Today is my eighth wedding anniversary with my husband.  We were married in a morning wedding ceremony at our church, Fourth Presbyterian Church, and had a luncheon reception at Salvatore's in Chicago. It was the best day of my life and I would not change a thing.  I did want to share some moments that I remember so well about my wedding day that you only could remember to do on your wedding day if you heard it from a past bride.  

I remember the smell of the pretty floral pieces at the church. It is forever in my memories and when I smell gardenias at my weddings now I think of my own wedding day.  That oh so lovely smell can quickly bring my memory back to that moment when I got to the altar and Jon laughed at me and told me I was bouncing I was so happy.  I was up there and so nervous and he grabbed my hand, laughed at me and then I remember smelling those gorgeous flowers up at the altar. I had taken the moments during the ceremony to breathe in that fragrance and commit it to memory.  So take the time on your wedding day to smell your bouquet or smell the pretty pieces at the church that you are standing close to.  It will take you back when you smell that fragrance again. 

I remember that the best laid plan sometimes does not go the way you had envisioned it.  I had a wedding planner there on my wedding day.  It was one of my assistants who helped out.  She left the church to zip to the reception when we were doing pictures and of course my limousine driver had called her and told her he was "out front of the Four Seasons" hotel on the corner by the church.  Perfect , right? Well, who would know that the driver was actually at the Westin Hotel across the street and "thought" it was the Four Seasons.  A couple of phone calls later we realized this and zipped across the street to find him.  Yes, it was a little blip in all the plans but we laughed it off and realized that "stuff happens".  I did not let it bother me that day and just laughed it off. 

I also remember looking everyone in the eye and thanking them for bring there. I remember even today without pictures what some people wore because I took the moments to stop and talk to every one of them. We did not visit tables at our reception and we chose not to do a receiving line, but I was still able to talk to everyone.  Take the time together to roam the cocktail hour and get to everyone to say hello.  And really look them in the eye and thank them for being there and being part of your day. 

Wedding days are the most special days of your married life. Have fun, relax and "smell the roses" on that day! (or in my case, smell the gardenias).