Photo Booths At Weddings

I just love Photo Booths at weddings and events!  It allows guests the opportunity to have a fun take home from your wedding but also gives you an opportunity to have the fun memories placed in a book that your guests can sign.  I use a couple of different companies in Chicago. One is called ShutterBooth and the other is Photo Booth Express. Package times can range from 4 to 6 hours and you can chose to include the guest book and materials that your guests can write in or provide them yourself. In a ShutterBooth photo booth your guests can even select if they want color or black and white prints. With both companies you can have a cute wedding logo and your wedding date on the last picture in the photo strips. Also, you can ask them to bring props that your guests can use to make it even more fun for them. Make sure when you are booking your photo booth that you get two copies of the photo; one for you and your spouse and the other for your guests to take home with them. Also, many companies offer the high resolution CD of all the images and easy posting to facebook. Photo Booth Express also offers one of the old school photo booths you would see at fairs and restaurants from your childhood.  Don't want the 2 x 6 photo strips? That is okay, each company offers the 4 x 6 grid choice. 

A quote from Cherly Bayma at ShutterBooth that sums up all the fun is, "Photo booths capture hilarious, touching and off-the-wall photos as guests enjoy the spontaneity of posing for pictures and revealing their true personalities behind the curtain with friends, relatives and co-workers."

And even cooler, ShutterBooth has a new i phone ap that you can have on your phone when you are out doing wedding planning and you can make your own photo strips.

Take a tour here and see how a photo booth works.