Quick Tips for Maid of Honor-Fixing the Wedding Dress Train

Today on the blog I thought I would write a Quick Tip for all the wonderful Maids and Matrons of Honors out there in "wedding land".  Or brides, please pass this to your matrons or maids of honors!

Some quick tips below on taking care of the bride's wedding dress train!

1. Make sure when you are going to the church that the bride's wedding dress  in the back AND the front stays off the ground when walking on the pavement. Stick very close to the bride and ask her to take her time when getting in and out of the car or trolley. It is best to have her get into the limousine backside first and then you can swing her feet and dress train around. When she gets out of the limousine, ask her to swivel her feet onto the pavement and come out feet first. If you are there on the outside of the limousine when she gets out you can be there to make sure her dress does not hit the pavement and risk getting dirty.

2. As you are going down the aisle right before her, make sure to check her train and veil before you go down the aisle in front of her. If she does have a wedding planner or there is a wedding church coordinator will be there to make sure she looks great at the final moments. But it is a good idea to check with her one last time when you are lining up and getting ready to walk down the aisle. 3. When you are up at the altar, make sure that you are keeping watch of the bride's dress and veil to make sure it looks great. You can hand off your bouquet to the bridesmaids next to you so you have two hands. But also make sure not to over fluff the train or it can get distracting to the ceremony.

4. When you are fixing the bride's train up at the altar, make sure not to lift her dress too high. You risk showing the audience the underside of her dress and we should not see her legs while you are fixing her train. Just a quick little small fluff and a little pulling will help keep it looking pretty. 

5. It is always a good idea to attend one of the bride's wedding dress fittings so you know how to bustle her dress after the ceremony. Have the seamstress show you how to do it and then practice doing it one time alone so you know you can do it right on the wedding day.