2010 A Look Back In Pictures

The New York Times does it, Time Magazine does it and this year, Engaging Events by Ali does it. Yup, a look back in pictures at the year 2010. The below photo montage looks at highlights of the amazing year that 2010 was. I was able to meet new people, see old friends, make new friends and got to travel speaking at wonderful conferences in amazing locations. It was a great year and thank you too all my friends, vendors, brides and grooms, pilots who got me there safely, cab drivers who got me there safely (this one was questionable at Bridal Market in NYC-cabs in NYC are just scary), and all the hotel employees who took care of me when I was traveling away from home. I especially want to thank my husband for holding down the fort when I was gone. 

Later in the week we will get to see a photo montage from some of our favorite weddings of 2010. Please enjoy the photo show (and one of my favorite songs for getting the party started).