Ask Ali: Questions for a Chicago Wedding Planner

Today I am excited to announce a new Blog Series called "Ask Ali". As a wedding consultant in Chicago I answer a lot of questions for my clients or potential clients about weddings in general. I also answer a lot of inquires on email for people interested in the wedding business or those wanting to become a wedding planner.

So for 2011, I decided to start a new series called "Ask Ali". Now you can now ask any questions about your wedding planning or about your interest in the wedding business or business in general. if I don't have the answer I will search it out for you or find others that can help me answer them. (example I don't know the pros and cons of your potential photographer using Canon vs. Nikon. I would consult some of the photographers I work with).

I will answer a question each Monday on the blog. 

Please email me your questions to and have the subject line be Ask Ali. Also, please let me know if you want to remain anonymous or if you are okay with your first and last name being shared with my readers. 

So this is your time readers, Ask away!!!