Holiday Ornament Tradition

If you are engaged or just in your first year of marriage and wanting to create a fun Christmas tradition for your Christmas tree, think about buying a ornament every year that reminds you of that year in your lives.

Are you getting married this year? Christopher Radko has a gorgeous wedding line you can purchase an ornament from.

 Are you travelingl to St Lucia for your honeymoon? Buy an ornament when you are there or buy an ornament that reminds you of the beach and place on your tree. Or did you take a big trip to South Africa this year? Get something there you can commemorate on your tree and remember that amazing trip every year. Try and pick something locally up or think about your year in review. This year I bought a fun ornament in St. John that reminds me of my birthday celebration there. 

You can easily with a colored pen or nailpolish put the year on the bottom of the ornament or a cute little tag with the year on it. That way, 30 years from now, you have 30 ornaments to look back on your marriage together and take a stroll down memory lane!