Ask Ali: Can you tell me more about my Wedding Dress Alterations

Ali: Can you please  tell me a bit more about how my wedding dress alterations will work and some tips? 

Answer by Ali: 

You found the perfect wedding dress, it is ordered and on it's way back to you. About two months before your wedding day, you will begin your alterations for your wedding dress. A couple of things to note for the time you go in for your alterations.

1. Make sure you bring the shoes you will wear on your wedding day to your alterations appointments. That way, the hem can be altered to the shoes you are wearing on the wedding day. 

2. It is a good idea to have your undergarments that you will be wearing under your dress for the alterations. That way they can make any adjustments or sew any bras in to the dress liner if they need to.

3. Why not do a "dress rehearsal" and do your hair trial the day you have your dress fitting. I don't recommend the makeup trial that day because you could possibly get the dress dirty and require an expensive cleaning, but talk with your hair stylist about if you can schedule your "hair dress rehearsal" the day you do one of your fittings.

4. Don't worry if the dress is a bit too big or too tight, alterations can work wonders on your wedding dress.

5. Ask your alterations person when and how the dress will be delivered? Can they deliver it to you the week of the wedding? Will it be pressed? Make sure to ask how they think it should be stored the week of the wedding. Most dresses are best out of their bags so wrinkles are not created. 

6. Take some pictures and bring a friend. This is a fun part of the wedding planning process and you want to document it for sure!