Fascinators and The Royal Wedding

I am fascinated by the anticipation leading up to The Royal Wedding. I am also fascinated by Fascinators. What is a fascinator you ask? Ah, a wonderful headpiece (often times taking the place of the traditional hat) which you see at weddings in the United Kingdom and all over the world. We are one week away from The Royal Wedding. The countdown has begun! Next week we will all get to experience the Royal Wedding from the United States while in the comfort of your own homes starting at 5am Chicago time. But rest assured that many a guest of The Royal Wedding and person in the UK and United States, in fact all over the world, will be donning a fascinator in celebration of Kate and William's wedding. 

Kate Middelton herself has donned some wonderful feather fascinators!

Above Image from Hands on 3rd Blog

And Hollywood Royalty, Sarah Jessica Parker donned a wonderful fascinator as Carrie from Sex In the City

We are looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful fashions that come out of The Royal Wedding and rest assured you will see many fascinators on the guests and the people lining the streets of London for The Royal Wedding.

I found a wonderful company in New York, Fascinators New York, where you can buy fascinators online for this grand event