Royal Wedding Week: What will Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Look Like

 The Royal Wedding Week is here! I have waited anxiously for months for this week to arrive. And right now all the talk is, what will Kate Middleton's wedding dress look like? The blogs and newspapers are filled to the brim with speculation and tips on who will design the dress. Clarence House and the Official Royal Wedding website have been very forthcoming and transparent with the details of the wedding day. On Saturday they released a ninety-page media document with the guest list, seating layout for Westminster Abbey and some of the wedding vendors that are taking part in the wedding of the century. One thing it did not include was ANY details or mention of Kate's wedding dress.

There have been rumors that Bruce Oldfield, Sarah Burton or new designer, Sophie Cranston of Libelula Studios may be designing the gown. Lady Diana back in 1981 selected an unknown designer, Elizabeth Emmanuel, to design her wedding gown. Will Kate follow in those footsteps and pick an up and coming designer like Sophie? Sophie did receive the Graduate Designer of The Year so comes with a wonderful designer pedigree. 

There are places in the United Kingdom where you can wager on if the dress will be white or will it be ivory? Will the train be long like Princess Diana's? Will the dress have sleeves and be somewhat modest? My guess is she wears ivory but what it looks like I want to be surprised when she gets out of the car. Whatever Kate decides to wear on the wedding day, it will be one of the most talked about dresses this century!