Getting Ready With Your Bridesmaids

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the time that the bride spends getting ready at her home or in the hotel suite with her bridesmaids, Mom and friends.  It is a fun time to bond and relax before the busy wedding day starts. Often times we will have hair and makeup artists come on-site to also make sure everyone looks gorgeous on the wedding day.

During this time, one thing I always make sure that we do is provide a good lunch or breakfast with non-alcoholic drinks for the "getting ready" time. It is important that everyone eats and hydrates to be ready for the long day ahead. 

One place I love to order from is from Whole Foods. They offer great options for breakfast and lunch platters and even can arrange delivery. From great cheese and fruit displays to lunch options like trays of sandwiches and veggie platters, Whole Foods can cater and drop off and make it very easy for everyone to fuel up for the wedding day. So, when you are planning your wedding morning make sure to include some lunch or breakfast for your lovely bridesmaids or family that will be getting ready with you.