Nail Polish Color for your Bridesmaids

You picked out the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry for their bridesmaids and even may have helped them pick out their hair style. But did you let them know what color nail polish you prefer them to wear? It is a good idea to let your lovely bridesmaids know if you want them to maybe have french nails or soft and neutral pink nails on the weekend of your wedding. Have a bridesmaids that is prone to wearing bright yellow or lavendar and it does not match your color scheme? Then it is okay to let them know what you are hoping them to have on their nails and toes that weekend. 

 Are they wearing open toed shoes with short dresses? You could also pick their toe nail polish too!

A fun and cute thing to do for your bridesmaids would be to schedule a ladies day out of manicures and pedicures where you pick up the tab and treat them a couple of days before the wedding. Make a night out of it, grab some champagne and have a ladies mani-pedi day outing together. And make sure to buy them all the color you pick out so they can do any touch ups on the weekend of your wedding!