Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone today!! I hope you have a lovely day with your family and friends relaxing and enjoying a day off. I just popped a chocolate bourbon pecan pie in the oven! (thanks Tyler Florence for the recipe which you can view here). 

I would like to take some time to stop and think of those that are abroad serving in the military and protecting us from afar. You are in our thoughts today and a safe return home is wished for you all. I also think about the policemen, firemen and all first responders who today are out there protecting the streets and ensuring we have a safe holiday. I also think of the doctors and nurses working today as they help the sick. 

I also want to stop and think of those that are cooking, baking, serving, valeting, cleaning, checking people out at the grocery stores and taking care of those that are out to dinner and staying at a hotel. Please, if you are in a hotel or a restaurant tonight and coming across those working, stop and thank them. Those that are in the hospitality industry are away from their family celebrations so an extra thank you or a nice Happy Thanksgiving is always so appreciated by those working today. 

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! May your turkey be moist, your gravy have no lumps and your glass always be full!

cover photo from Photo Pin