Meet Chelsey Boggs, Engaging Events Intern

I am so excited today to introduce Engaging Events By Ali's new intern, Miss Chelsey Boggs, who started working today at the Engaging Events studio. We are so excited to introduce her to Chicago weddings and the Chicago wedding planning world.  Below is a little information about Chelsey in her own words and how found her way to the Engaging Events Team. Welcome Chelsey! 

Hi, everyone! I’m Chelsey Boggs, and I am the new intern at Engaging Events by Ali! I grew up in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota: a small suburb right outside of St. Paul. I came to Chicago about three and a half years ago to attend Columbia College Chicago to pursue a degree in Marketing Communications and a minor in dance. I am excited to announce that I just graduated this month, and I am looking forward to my next adventure!

I am thrilled to be working with "Engaging Events by Ali"! I am excited to jump right out of school and get in the swing of things in the wedding industry. I first got introduced to event planning by Ali’s former assistant, Brittney Reecy. She told me about an opportunity to work with Ali at the Wish A Upon a Wedding Gala a little over a year ago. In that moment, I really fell in love with the job and knew that I wanted to be an event planner. In the past year in a half, I have been volunteering with a lot of event planning companies to learn everything I can about the industry. I also worked at CBS WBBM Newsradio as an event promotions intern and assisted on events like the Air and Water Show and the Chicago Bears games. 

What I love about weddings is the idea of planning such an exclusive and memorable event for not only a couple, but also their family and friends. I savor seeing all the love that people show during weddings. That kind of love is not something that is shown very often and getting to be part of that makes me feel honored. I am so excited to be part of these unforgettable experiences that are ahead of me! Follow me on Twitter at @wedinchicago.

We welcome Chelsey and can't wait to get her started in the wedding industry this winter!