The Breakers, Engage 12 Recap Part 1: Christmas Came Early

I got an early Christmas gift last week, it was the gift from Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce of Engage!12. It was the most wonderful gift they have given of spending four powerful days with the best and the most inspiring people in the wedding industry. Engage!12, a luxury wedding business summit, has changed my business for the better, helped me develop friendships all over the world and has opened doors for me that have changed my life as a wedding planner, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a sister and aunt. 

Thank you Rebecca and Kathryn for the amazing gift of Engage! 

It was my tenth Engage conference and was held at The Breakers in West Palm Beach (more on that later because that amazing hotel will get it's own blog post). It was the most incredible four days with the most inspiring people in the wedding industry. I had the pleasure of seeing old friends but also meeting some new friends as well.

Today I am highlighting the first day that was filled with registering and hugs and laughter, wisdom from other planners and motivational speaking from the the opening session speakers. Feast your eyes on the amazing welcome bags and branding by the fabulous ladies of Gifts for the Good Life, Trisha Hay, Kristy Rice, Vanessa Kreckel, and Deborah Nadel. They collectively as a team make sure the branding and swag bag experience is the most amazing! 

I am so excited to get to help behind the scenes of Engage and help with registration. 

Mary Blum, someone I adore, kept everyone laughing but also is one of the smartest people that I know. Mary Blum, someone I adore, kept everyone laughing but also is one of the smartest people that I know. 

Pamelo Fiori, past editor or Town and Country Magazine,  shared insight into the luxury wedding market and also her gorgeous Palm Beach book with all of the attendees. 

Marley Majcher helped us laugh at our failures and reminded us that failure is what helps us grow and learn. 

Harriette Rose Katz spoke to us and is so wise and whose wisdom was so appreciated.

And the awesome and amazing, Simon T Bailey, who just really pumps up the room and makes us think about all that we want in life and how to go out and get it. 

The day ended with a magnificent party on the lawn at The Breakers with a southern style! 

And it was exciting to see many Chicago wedding planners, wedding designers, wedding videographers and photographers and Jennifer from The Peninsula Hotel there. The Chicago wedding planners and industry were represented so well and we all had a blast at the photo booth and "orange" carpet. 

And enjoy the Day 1 Video by Chicago's own I Do Films. 

I would also like to thank Elan Artists, Scott Clark Photo and Chellise Michael Photography for the amazing photography. They work to get images up online for us to download right after events happen so we are are able to share them while we are there. This was one of the most hard working photography teams I have seen and thank you so very much for the beautiful images you share with all of us! 

Please come back to the blog tomorrow as I share Day Two with you!!!