Uber in Chicago for your Wedding

There is a new car company in town and it is making lives way easier! Uber was launched six months ago in Chicago and people are loving using it. It will be great on the weekend of your wedding if you need a quick pick up for one to four people when leaving your hair salon and going back to the hotel or for parent’s who rode with you to the ceremony site but now need a ride back to the hotel or reception. Or use it for your bachelorette party as you zip around to different spots in Chicago. Have to move your groom to the church and don't want his tuxedo to get dirty and to have him arrive in style? Uber is your choice for all of your wedding VIP's. 

It’s super easy to sign up online at Uber.com and you can download the app onto your iphone or simply text in your address for a pick up. The cars they have networked with are either Navigators, Chrysler 300’s, sedans and Mercedes. 

If using the app it will pick up your address on the GPS and send the closest car to pick you up. The driver will receive your phone number and you will receive the driver's phone number if you need to contact them. It will also send you a notice to how long until he arrives. Same if you just text your address to them from your cell phone. Super easy! No money needs to be exchanged, you will set up the billing thru their site and within in minutes following the service you will get a receipt for the ride. No need for receipts as it will all be online on your account to review. 

Much like a on call taxi service, but with the luxury of a fancier car and impeccable service.