How to spell Honor on Wedding Invitation

I have been busy writing up my client's wedding invitation wording for my fall Chicago wedding clients and one question that keeps coming up is how to spell honor on a wedding invitation. The question I hear a lot is, do you write honor (the American English way) or honour (the old English spelling) on the wedding invitation? And the answers is that you can do either one. Both ways to spell it are correct. I always recommend if brides and grooms are trying to evoke a formal and traditional feeling to their wedding invitation, that they use honour. But really the decision is up to you and would come down to your personal preference. So pick which one you prefer and know that either way you go you are doing it correctly. 

And typically you will see "honour of your presence" or "honor of your presence" on an invitation where the ceremony takes place at a church or house of worship. If you are getting married at your reception venue or a park, I recommend you put "pleasure of your company" instead of honor/honour of your presence in the request line on your wedding invitation. 

One thing to note is if you are selecting to use the English spelling of honour, I also recommend you say "favour of your reply" on your response card. And if using "honor" then you would use "favor of your reply" on your reply card. 

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