Confetti Foundation Launches to Provide Birthday Kits to Children in Hospitals

I am so proud of my friend Stephanie Frazier Grimm of Couture Parties in Newport, Rhode Island, who launched a non profit, the Confetti Foundation. The Confetti Foundation mission is to supply party starter kits to children who have to spend their birthday in the hospital. I am so flattered to be asked to be on her advisory board. I find that even though event planners are some of the busiest people I know, they are not busy enough to help out and give back and help various charities. I am so proud of Stephanie for starting this organization and can't wait to see it grow into all 50 states in the United States. 

I sat down with Stephanie the other day via ichat video and she shared with me some details and information about The Confetti Foundation. 

Where did you get the idea to start the confetti foundation?  
The Confetti Foundation officially began in January 2014, when I wanted to develop a way for children to receive party supplies when they had to spend their birthday in the hospital. The idea came about in 2010, when my best friend’s baby was born 8 weeks premature. Born with many complications, Brandy drove hours daily to the NICU hospital with her toddler & husband to visit him as he grew stronger. During those long drives she and I would talk everyday, about our families, the weather,our jobs, the good times we had in college…honestly anything for a little distraction as Christian healed. 

One conversation lead to one of Christian's hospital “buddies” getting to go home and how they were going to have a celebration! I asked what happens when the children are there for their birthday? Do they have a party? Much to my surprise the answer was no. Often a parent with a sick child, all they could think about is getting them better. Parties took place when the child was home from the hospital. I want to change that. Having to have spent my own birthday in the hospital when is was 13 due to abscessed kidneys, I feel children should be celebrated on their birthday and parents/guardians should be able to celebrate with them and not feel as though they have to leave their child’s side to make that happen. 

How can someone get involved? 
Any and all help is appreciated! We currently are looking for volunteers to contact their local children's hospital to get the program into their hospital. Once it is approved, 5-10 birthday boxes are sent to that "Birthday Fairy" to hand deliver the boxes; they will also be the hospitals contact for replenishment. The hospitals then distribute the boxes accordingly, due to patients privacy it is the best way for us to spread a little cheer.  
We have had an outpouring talent wanting to donate their services. We will have special circumstances where these can be donated to their local hospital. For example, if they were a T-shirt designer, we would put them in contact with their local Birthday fairy and they will coordinate when a donation will take place so they can add this service to their boxes. 
We are also encouraging businesses to be sponsors, for example if you sold a service, a small portion of those proceeds would go to the Confetti Foundation, or if they wanted to create a special product, with proceeds to the Confetti Foundation.  
Sharing on blogs, placing a blog badge on their site, or sharing via social media is greatly appreciated and welcomed. 
We are asking schools to get involved by hand writing Happy Birthday cards for the sick children (each box will get a birthday card) we are also happy to send cards to get the class rooms to get started! Some other fundraising efforts that schools are adopting are cupcake sales during lunch & dress down days. We are open to any and all FUN ideas of how we can get the kids involved! 

What is included in the box for the child?  
100% of the proceeds raised goes towards the purchasing of actual product, printing, ribbon, shipping, labels, boxes & paper to print on. We have Packing Parties here in Newport, RI where volunteers gather to cut, paste, string and stuff the boxes! Which then are packed up and shipped to their Birthday Fairy to distribute to their local children's hospital. The actual boxes consist of 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 straws, 4 spoons, 4 forks, 4 napkins, 2 coloring sheets, 4 crayons, packet of stickers, 1 happy birthday banner, 2 tissue pom decorations, 1 birthday card all presented in a white box! 

Want to follow along on twitter and instagram? Use the Hashtag #confettifoundation, #confettifoundation and #beabirthdayfairy. 

Heashot by Erin McGinn Photography