How to Remove Wax Out of Linens

The holidays were so nice and around my house. I lit lots of taper candles for my holiday table and Christmas and New Year's Eve dinner. So are you there now scratching your head on how to get all the wax from those beautiful candles out of your linens? 

Your freezer comes in hand. What you ask? Put linens in your freezer? Yes! Place the linens or napkins in your freezer until the wax is frozen and hard (this may take a couple of days) and carefully scrape off with a dull knife. Still some wax left? Get some wax paper or kraft paper from your kitchen and place on the top and bottom of the linen with the stain. Use a warm iron over the area and the wax will slowly soak into the paper. Voila! Launder following the wax removal and you are ready for your next dinner party. 

This video from Real Simple walks you thru the steps! 

Photo by Rick Aguilar