Wendy Nicholson, Mother of the Bride

My daughter got engaged in the fall of 2004. With my daughter living out of state and with some very strong ideas of how she wanted her wedding, I knew I would need help! I interviewed many wedding planners but when I met Ali, I knew she was the one. 
Organized, friend (but firm when she needed to be), hand holding/tear wiping (for both my daughter and me) and armed with a wealth of wedding information; we just could not have done it without her. The knowledge Ali has is invaluable. Friend's and family commented how relaxed we were; hiring Ali allowed that. Wedding days go past so quickly and having Ali allowed us to not miss one minute of it worrying or answering questions. Everyone knew Ali was the “go to girl.” She has knowledge in flowers, bar set up, ice sculptures, delivery/setup, band, video, place cards, gifts, cake, speeches, dances, menus, programs, church, linens, transportation, etc..etc... the details are overwhelming! Enjoy the day you have spent so long in planning and be a guest at possibly the best party you will ever throw. When people saw what a great time we had they agree with us that Ali was worth every penny and more!