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Carnivale Chicago

Where can you go for a great rehearsal dinner in Chicago? Look no further than Carnivale. Here you can spice up your party by renting one of their private rooms for you and your guest. They have rooms for all kinds of party sizes. Their authentic soulful cuisine will put you in paradise. Here you can pick from Puerto Rican, Mexican, Colombian, Brazilian, and many more Latin American foods. Not only is the food amazing but also the colors featured throughout the restaurant are perfect for a fun get together! This restaurant would be a great place to eat, chat, and share a few of their famous mojito’s before the big day. The thing that I love most about the restaurant (other than the food and colors), is the SPACE! All the rooms are large enough to accommodate at least a party of 40 guests, if not more. The live music after dinner will get you and your party dancing in no time. Carnivale is a top location to take your guests for a wonderful celebration.