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Being Original and Unique-Be YOU, Be Extraordinary

I work closely with my clients on how to make their wedding original and unique and a reflection of who they are. I ask them to bring me pictures and send me websites and links to wedding blogs of things they love and make them say "YAY"! We design their wedding based on things they see in the awesome wedding and design magazines and blogs that we have to use for inspiration. But we never copy something exactly. I attend seminars and conferences all over the world and when the design "gods" and "goddesses" (Todd Fiscus, Sasha Souzaand David Beahm to name a few), that I look up to, share their work I don't say, I want to do that exactly.

Custom Bridesmaids Jewelry

I LOVE this store I saw in a magazine. What a cute idea! You can CUSTOM make your bridesmaids jewelry gifts online in their custom-maid jewelry area! SO CUTE! You MUST check this out today! You can even shop based on color or neckline of the girl's dresses! 

Click here to begin creating custom gifts for your bridesmaids